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Quick question about SR:LE

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I'm not familiar with what exactly is going on with SR and SR:LE, but I have noticed some changes around the boards recently.  Most notably the presence of STEP packs that to me and what I see seem to break down mod selection into packs for only specific things.


I went through the SR guide in it's entirety before SR:LE began.  I though had issues with CTD approaching the 3.1GB limit.  I understand, SR:LE was going to fix this with insturctions for texture resizes.  That was the reason, I didn't play the original SR because I needed to fix my CTD issues and I was waiting for SR:LE for this.  I have never played Dawnguard, Dragonborn, or hearthfire, so I was waiting for SR:LE to come out so I can play a new with not only all the DLC, but also the beauty of SR.


Okay, well what am I getting at?  The addition of all this "Pack" talks made me concerned that SR is now going to be broken down into packs instead of a full blown guide with everything put together in one.  Is that the direction SR is going?  Or is SR:LE and STEP Packs two completely different things?


I have been patiently waiting for the day, since SR:LE was announced (which happened as I finished the original SR install) to play a complete and working SR:LE.  And I guess I just wanted to know if that was still going to happen?  Bunch of changes have happened here since last I visited and I can't tell what is going on anymore.


If SR:LE will continue to be the massive all in one project I hope it will be, will there be an all in one "SR:LE Patch" that can be downloaded that does all the compatibility patches for you?


That is all for know.  Continue to do a great job guys.  I just am so anxious to play the upcoming masterpiece... :)


Thank you.

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There will be multiple packs. SR:LE will be one of the packs, and in addition as you see discussed in this forum there will be other packs. The packs are independent but multiple packs might use some of the same mods. The other packs are not subpacks of SR:LE; they are independent.

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