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Dual Redux, XP32, & FNIS Problem (SOLVED)



Hey guys,


So I finally was trying out the dual redux and followed the intructions in the step guide exactly, and installed everything properly.


However, as I went into the game to try out this incredible mod, I found that the long swords were in the back of my character and my bow quivers were on my hip.


Now, when I was installing xp32, I chose the default option for everything besides, the dagger on the back option.


From what I understood, I should be getting the vanilla quiver placement and the 2 long swords on each of my side, besides the dagger placement which should be in the back.


This is not the case, and I am getting 2 longswords on my back and the quivers on my hip.


What is causing this problem? Can anyone help me out?


For more information here are the steps I took


1. Install dual redux

2. run patch in the skyrpoc folder

3. run boss real quick

4. install xp32 and choose default for bow/quiver, no to first person, unchecked left hip quiver, default for 1 handed, chose back hip dagger, checked back hip dagger, and clicked finish.

5. Run Boss real quick

6. Run FNIS under administration, and chose update the FNIS Behavior. (did not click on any of the patches below as I did not have them installed)

7. started the game with the problem.



Anyone that can help me with this situation will have my thanks. I eagerly await for your reply =-)




I found that mod organizer doesnt properly install xp32 which is the cause of this problem.

Does anyone know which files I need in Xp32 to manually install it?


Update 2:


I have solved the problem.


I just manually installed the necessary files which are



skeleton rig




BHD (if you want the non vanilla bow placement, choose BHD Chesko instead)



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