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Mod Organizer Hide Feature



What exactly does this right-click feature do?

I originally started using it in the conflicts tab as a "ty for notifying me about this conflict, it's intended, stop notifying me now" feature. As in, I assumed it wouldn't change the files just not show them as conflicts anymore.

I was doing all of this while listening to the MO tutorial vids in the background and well... a minute or two later I heard Deathneko say something like 'I think the hide feature makes the files invisible to MO'. Needless to say, I facedesked instantaneously.


I did some perusal and found some of the files I previously hid renamed to .mohidden, which can apparently be unhidden just as easily.


So if I understand the feature correctly, hiding a file renames it as .mohidden, which breaks that file until unhidden? And then there's no problem right?


:New user of MO, loving every bit of it <3

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So I have Mod A and Mod B, and I have Mod A ahead of Mod B when looking at them using the priority column. This means that any files that Mod A and B share, MO will use the ones from Mod B, because it is last. If I want some of the files from Mod A that Mod B overwrites then I can hide those files from Mod B so that MO sees only the files from Mod A. Also, you can hide erroneous files that get installed or are not needed.

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Wonderful, Thanks!


Tannin or anyone else we have to thank for this splendid MO might want to think about adding a filter in the data tab for all .mohidden files to look at only what you've hidden.


I'm content with using the method of doing a file search in my MO mod folder in explorer for ".mohidden" though, just an idea to be tossed about. Not sure if there's a suggestions thread or what have you.

I want to un-hide multiple files and it's easiest to just find them in explorer with a file search.


What would manually removing the ".mohidden" suffix extension do? I'm just guessing it won't be that easy. =|

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