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EssArrBee posted a link to a new quest mod rochebere and that motivated me to share another quest mod I found a while ago called Luftahraan.


It's made by a team of more then a dozen people and has been worked on for over a year.  Apparently about half way through they decided to redo a lot of their work...

Anyway I've seen some of the preview videos on their site and read some stuff and it all looks and sounds amazing.

Supposed to be released at the end of this year but they have changed release dates several times.


Anyway even gopher is looking forward to it and he made a small vid about it below.






Mod Website - https://luftahraan.com/

Mod info updates - https://www.moddb.com/mods/luftahraan

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I like that people are making nice big cities, I just hope they can run with all the mods we use. Having had Wyrmstooth, then Falskaar, Rochebere soon, and Luftahraan a bit after then I'd say that the stream of decent quest mods will probably be some of the most proficient ever for a game.


Anyways, Andoran has been updated to Skyrim's engine, so it's no longer coming out for Oblivion. A pretty big, ambitious mod that will probably not come out until everyone has moved on to other things.

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Yes I remember seeing andoran a while ago but they have not had many updates for months. Despite this I think it still will come out since I've already seen a lot of work put into it and it looks to be one of the biggest mods so I guess it's only a matter of time.

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