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Installing Automatic Variants Packs via MO



Flame and Frost Atronachs and Wolverines pack will not install correctly.


The Atronachs pack gets almost everything, but MO gives an error about not being able to open (complicated filepath) .dds (would have to double check which exactly).


Wolverines pack won't get past trying to install the first Dragonpriest variant texture. The error message is pretty much the same.


I've tried reinstalling several times. Did these mods simply not download correctly?


On a sidenote, optimizing StarX's packages is like the line separating the casual SR modder from the Dovahkiin SR modder.

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You are probably better off just extracting all of the AV files into a separate folder e.g. AV Packages/textures/bellyaches... Then DDSOpting each pack as needed. Copy the optimized textures to this folder and then place each one into ModOrganizer/mods each as their own mod or together into the Automatic Variants folder skyproc patchers/AV packages/textures.


That way you make life a lot simpler for yourself. Updating is not any more complicated this way than in normal MO installation and or updating, not that these packs are likely to be updated any time soon.



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Make sure the pathing is correct! This is almost the core of any AV issue!

Once you figure out what is working, just make sure that every other thing is done the same way and it will work... every single time!


This also goes for using DDSopt on them. They just need to be in a \textures\... folder structure and you are good to go.

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Sorry but I don't think this response addresses my issue. I downloaded the two troublesome packs alongside all the other ones recommended by Neovalen. I optimized all of those without fuss. I haven't put them into my game yet because I'm not at the step where SUM and other Skyproc mods are added.


Mod Organizer simply would not install parts of those two packs. I don't see what pathing has to do with it when I couldn't install the mods in order to perform the optimization process. I optimized everything else just fine. Well, hopefully. Guess we'll find out when I actually enable AV in my game.

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Installing AV packages can be done manually! And should be done so if MO is being annoying about it!

The only thing you need to install via MO is the actuall AV SkyProc Patcher.

The path for AV packages is the following

...\Mod Organizer\mods\Automatic Variants\SkyProc Patchers\Automatic Variants\AV Packages\

by default

Any AV package you might have you can just place inside that folder with its respective .json files.


Once AV runs then it will create either the SUM.esp, or the AV.esp based on these .json files, and move all the textures into the overwrite dir leaving only the .json files in the above folder.


Every time you need to redo this process you just move all the textures back again to the above and then rerun either AV or SUM and it will update the .esp with new FormID´s if required.

The main reason why AV stops working is because the FormID´s that it assigns to the new textures etc. gets messed up, and then it needs to be remade. This can happen anytime you add or remove a new .esp to your list. Hence why you should always rerun after you have made changes to your list.


Also you should also test your SR install as you move down... if you just do it all in one go and it does not work at the end then you will have a hell of a troubleshooting scenario to deal with!

The more time you spend carefully testing along the way the less time you spend overall before you get to smash up them dragons!

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