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STEP v2.1.1 Released


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From v2.1.0c to v2.1.1:


Guide changes: (Things related to the guide only)

-Removed the old Step-2, since the official “Hi-Res Textures DLC” installation was outdated, Beth fixed the esp files override problem in the latest patch. “Optimized Hi-Res DLC” moved to Step-2 (actual mod section).

-Because of the previous change, the whole guide structure (number-letters) is changed, also added borders to better separate item in lists.

-Fixed the missing link to “Popular mods not included” section in Step-2H.

-Added a big link to the STEP Wiki page, recommending newbies to read the Skyrim installation and modding guide before following STEP.

-Added a more detailed guide explaining SKSE installation.

-Other minor guide fixes.


Mods changes: (Required for updating your game)

-Added More Dynamic Shadows and Striping Fixed.

-Added back Psychosteves Golden Gods Shrines.

-Added Small Crosshair (iHUD compatible version!).

-Added note to “Static Mesh Improvement Mod” preventing to overwrite some files from “Skyrim HD”, also changed installing order of it and its order related mods (you don’t need to do anything to update).

-Removed Esbern Talk Fix for fixing a bug occurring in pirated game versions only.

-Removed Higher Poly Skyrim for being redundant.

-Removed Vandr Presents - HD Spider Nest for being redundant.

-Removed QD Inventory for causing a grave enhancing bug.

-Removed Shadow Striping Fix for being already included in More Dynamic Shadows and Striping Fixed.

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