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Weird problem with Bow kill cam



Hello All


I have had this weird problem a while now and thought I could put up with it but its getting annoying. Alot of times screws up most of my sniper head shots. I always play in 1st person view but have all my kill cam views setup for 3rd person. And alot of times when the kill cam kicks in for the Bow it will go in to 3rd person view for the kill cam for like a second and then the arrow hits a invisible wall. The arrow will just fall to the ground at my feet and goes back to the 1st person view and usually alerts the person I was aiming at. This will happen over and over again till eather the NPC or I move or the kill cam doesn't kick in. Anybody have any ideas?

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Well there is the dance of death mod that can change the perspective for the kill cam shots. I have it set to vanilla default 3rd person view. That's the only one I use that has anything to do with combat. Other then that I also use Face to Face conversations, and AutoPV. But I have AutoPV disabled cuz I find it very annoying. This weird problem only happens when I'm in sneak mode and doesn't happen while I'm standing normally and firing the Bow.

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