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My Random CTDs - Skyrim Revisited



As I mentioned in my other thread, my new install is crashing randomly.  This build was a modified Skyrim Revisited install and the details can be found in my other post here.  That has the details of mods installed, system specs, etc.


These crashes have been seemingly random and sporadic.  However, things have gotten a bit strange.  Last night I played Skyrim for hours without a crash.  In fact, at one point I had Skyrim running, plus Teamspeak and World of Tanks.  I figured Skyrim would probably crash when I ran it with WoT running, but it didn't.  I wasn't doing anything in WoT, just had it loaded in the background, while I was actively playing Skyrim (it's a WoT Clan Wars commitment thing).  Today I have nothing running besides Steam and Skryim, but it's crashing a lot.


This morning I started playing Skyrim and it's been crashing very frequently.  I've had 5 crashes in the past 2 hours.  On top of that, my last save game will not load (I tried it twice).


I've been looking at the Papyrus logs, but I haven't seen any common things that looks like it could be the problem, except for the two logs from when I tried to load my last save.  Those are a bit similar, though I suspect that's because the game locked up in the exact same process.


When I was working with rootsrat on my other CTD problem I started saving my log files from crashes and writing down what I was doing when I got the crash, to try to see if there is a pattern.  Here is the list of my 12 most recent crashes, when they happened, and what I was doing in game at the time.

1 - 8/15 @ 9:20am - Outside White River Wash.  Just selected "You could be better dressed" from the UFO options on Lydia.  When I exited her dialog menu CTD.

2 - 8/15 @ 10:18am - I was trading with Lydia.  I gave her a helmet from my inventory.  When I switched to her inventory CTD.

3 - 8/15 @ 10:20am - Exited the Bannered Mare at night.  Vampire and thralls entered city at the main gate.  I went to sprint after them CTD (don't remember if it crashed when I hit Alt to sprint, or W to run).

4 - 8/15 @ 10:55am - Entered the Bannered Mare during daytime - CTD

5 - 8/16 @ 1:01pm (only crash yesterday) - Was riding horses back to Whiterun from the direction of the Western Watchtower along the road.  Got attacked by a skeever.  I dismounted and attacked it.  It was mostly dead and ran away.  I chased it (sprinting).  It ran through the farm field toward the stables.  As I approached the stables, CD

6 - 8/17 @ 10:25am - Finished Swindler's Den Last night.  Have to betray Saarhi (or whatever her name is) today.  Was selling and crafting my loot.  Walked up to the grindstone outside War Maiden and got a Windows message saying the game had crashed (asking do I want to check online for a solution or close the program - I closed it).

7 - 8/17 @ 10:56am - Selling to the guy in War Maiden.  I had a potion of barter active.  I hit Alt to switch between his inventory and mine - CTD.

8 - 8/17 @ 11:28am - I was making leather bracers fast (Enter, Enter, Enter, Enter, etc.).  I had one more piece of leather, and one more 2 more leather strips (just enough to make one more).  I would have hit 69 skill in Blacksmithing when that last one was made.  Hit Enter on the "Are you sure you want to make this" screen and it froze.  Had to kill Skyrim via the Task Manager.

9 - 8/17 @ 11:49am - Lydia was relaxing (via the UFO command) in the chair in the loft of Breezehome.  I was going to store some stuff in the end table right next to her.  I opened it up and had to remove the two wooden plates that were in it.  I removed one (don't know why I didn't loot all), and when I looted the second one CTD.

10 - 8/17 @ 12:10pm - I was in Belathor's Shop.  I talked to him  I clicked on "What have you got for sale?" - CTD.

11 - 8/17 @ 12:12pm - I had saved before going to Belathor's Shop previously.  I went to load that save game after crash #10.  The game would not load that save.  I just got stuck on the loading screen (that shows something with the lore in the lower-right corner).  In the save, my character had just finished crafting.  I had improved several of my items to epic.  I was standing in the street in front of War Maiden, facing the Bannered Mare.

12- 8/17 @ 12:17pm - Same as #11.


As you can see, most of my crashes are CTDs.  Every once in a while, I'll get the Windows crash message.  Every once in a while, the game will just lock up.  I'm not really that worried about losing my save game as I was saving like crazy today due to the all the crashes.  However, the fact that the save wouldn't load got me worried.  This is especially true since I haven't done anything to my game between last night and today.


Does anybody have an suggestions on what I should look at/for?


BTW, I do have Papy logs for all of those crashes if anybody wants to see them.

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