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[Rewarding Steam Game] 100% Working S.T.E.P via TeamViewer



Hey guys i have spent countless hours trying to get this to work properly to the point im almost ready to give up! So here's what im going to do - I have "MOST" of the mods required for S.T.E.P given that i have likely downloaded a few of the wrong ones.


I have purchased a 4 pack of the new Payday 2: Career Criminal Edition for myself and 2 friends, i had planned on selling the 4th off when another friend decided he wants to play but i am willing to give it away to someone kind enough to help me out here! Please note that the game is not released yet, so adding the game to your steam library will only show the game in grey until its officially released.


What i want:

- 100% working copy of Baseline STEP with all intended MODS

- RealVision Performance installed

- You must be able to do this over TeamViewer 


If you think you are able to help me out please add me on skype: Lhuggins1989

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was using NMM - Its more that it seems that the entire process is quite lengthy for a beginner and i have managed to mess it up a few times now where i have received heavy bugs in just the intro. I work 12 hours days so doing the process literally takes up a whole night of free time for me, id much rather have someone more experienced get everything working for me, and they get a shiny new steam gift for there efforts :)

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I'm up now if anyone is interested :)


I already have the majority of the correct mods - i have a feeling a few of them might be the wrong version for what i am after, so it shouldn't be too lengthy for someone who knows what they are doing!

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