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So I use BUM and BOSS and all that and I have orange boxes with check marks next to some mods and patches.  What is the best practice for how to fix these?  From what I've gathered, I think it's a load order issue, but I wanted to get your advice.  I have one patch that has the dawnguard.esm 3rd and I thought esps always came after the esm.  It was SkyRe-USP Patch.esp by the way.  How do I handle orange boxes on the mod tab?

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As you surmised, it happened because to load order you are using isn't the same order as the one in the master plugin list in the SkyRE-US Patch. When building a patch, the order doesn't always come out the same as the load order. Usually the patch creator resorts this list before releasing the patch but this doesn't always happen. Typically I wouldn't worry about this. It can be fixed in TES5Edit by resorting the master plugins for the esp file, but I don't usually like to make changes to someone else's plugin.

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