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Do not understand!?! (MO Help)



So I'm doing my 3rd...no, 4th re-install of all the mods (just never seems to work quite right) and I was wondering why none of the mods im adding in the installed mods tab of MO are showing up in the ESPs tab or in the Skyrim/Data folder.


I've had so many troubles so far...I always seem to break it. I'm going to try and straighten them out:

1)When adding the mods in MO, do I put them order they are in STEP from min to max in the installed tab? or in the ESPs tab?(Sometimes mods end up as different priority in there...or dont show up at all)

2)When adding patches or optional parts of mods...do I merge, replace or rename? (already had this one kind of answered...merged was suggested, but I just wanted to ask again)

3)When adding extra mods that I want installed, for example Climates of Tamriel OR RCRN; weapons mods, house mods etc; where do I put them in the installed tab? At the bottom? What about mods that are on the steam workshop (Town and Cities Enhancements for example)? Where can I find the files/what should I do? (They usually show up in the ESMs tab)

4)Having added the mods, I run Dual Sheath Redux patcher thingy which is fine...anything I need to do with that or is it just leave it alone? Also what about FNIS? Run the generate exe before or after Dual Sheath?

5)I have noticed some texture issues after adding some extra mods, even after removing them they were still present...basically purple trees, moose heads and skeletons. Any ideas?


Thanks for your time and sorry for either stupid/noobish questions XD



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1) The install order should be what is listed on the STEP guide from top to bottom this very important for the conflicting graphics sections since so many of the files in that section get overwritten by mods later in the guide.


Your ESP load order will be determined by BOSS not by the install order, those two are different from each other.


2) Not sure what you mean by optional parts, it could be different for every mod, some mods it's a standalone option, some it needs to overwrite the original, and some optionals need to be used instead of the original mod.


Just be a little bit more specific, maybe an example, and we can give you a better answer.


3) STEP is broken into section so try to put Armor and Weapons mods right behind the Clothing & Equipment section in you install order. Something like CoT can be a bit tricky, but maybe after the Landscape section is the best option or at least where I put mine. Also, some of the STEP mods need CoT patches like Laterns of Skyrim and I think Minty's Lightning so get the patches from their nexus pages.


As long as you keep the type of mod you are installing with other mods like it, you should be okay. One of the advantages of having the guide broken down by section.


4) I'd run FNIS.exe first then DSR.


5) Purple textures means that the texture is not loaded correctly, so something went wrong during the install or if you optimized a file that shouldn't have been. Big red exclamation marks mean that a mesh is missing. There is a dedicated missing texture thread for that as well.

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