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Mod Organizer and Extra Mods



These may seem like noobish questions or whatever but I'm puzzling over the Dual Sheath Redux installation (Section 2 D of the guide)

The first part installs fine when I double click the download. When I install the next part of it (The elemental staffs addon) it asks me whether I want to Merge, Replace or Rename. Which one do I choose?


Also, once I've installed the rest of these mods in the order of the list on the guide, is adding more mods that I want as simple as adding them to the bottom of the list? (Priority max, according to MO)

For example, I really like the towns and villages enhancements mods so would I add them after everything else? or add them with the rest of the landscape & environment mods?


I would like to have some extra lighting mods...maybe an ENB if I find one I like that isnt too much of a performance hit. Again, would I add these at th bottom of the MOD list? Or with the rest of the lighting mods?





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You can either Merge or Rename, in the above case, Dual Sheath Redux is much more likely to be updated than the addon for elemental staffs, so by installing elemental staffs in it's own folder, you can update DSR and not have to remember to also reinstall all of the addons.


You can add extra mods to the end of the list, yes. There might be some rare situations where you want one of step's mods to override some of the files in mods you are installing as extras, and it is safe to do so (usually), but this would mostly be up to you to decide. And hey, you can always move it back if it doesn't fit :)

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