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and again = crash -_-



ok, i followed the whole process again (1st time with mod organizer didnt work so i tried it after reinstalling a  new setup  with wyre bash.


and, not even using 30-40 (incl. smal fixes),   it crashes right wehen i start it....i really limited the mod,s used a lot of thoe who seemed to cause possible problems not andstill its the same issue. adm drivers ar the newesr ones ( no beta)  - but i cant seem to get it to work.


an SOMEONE please help me ?i i´d really just need some advice so i can start looking for the errror mysself, waiting for a resonse here just takes so long that i get tiirefd goinh on / trying it again. i swear, no hand-holding and doing the work for me...al i want is to get it going so i can fix it myself. if not : please tell me what i should post what you need on info and whad i COULD try (wb or no nad so on)



thx in advance, i finally want to start -_-


edit :


ok, i guess i set the alternate installers directory wrong/by accident split the mods in two directories, will restore and try again

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If all else fails then start from the beginning of the STEP guide and make play tests along the way. Make sure your game can run before you move on.

It is always a good idea to test out when you add more and more stuff. It makes it alot easier to notice if a mod failed to install correctly etc.


In order to avoid the whole helgen into you can just type "coc riverwood" in the console from the main menu and get right into the game near riverwood.

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Also, bear in mind that you should provide as much details as possible. Vague "it crashes right wehen i start it" doesn't really tell us much.

  • Provide your system spec.
  • What mod manager do you use (you actually provided this info) :)
  • Provide you load order from BOSS.
  • Any extra mods apart from STEP?
When did it crash, exactly? Before getting to the main menu? Right after selecting NEW GAME? Elsewhere? When, exactly?
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