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Borderless Windows



Alright so I'm thinking to play the game with the heaviest ENB settings I like I'll need to drop the resolution down a little bit from 1600x900 to 1440x810 or so. 1600x900 is an acceptable resolution for me though I prefer 1920x1080 (this is the native resolution) for normal usage like web browsing etc. In order to use 1600x900 or 1440x810 with the Borderless Windows (the two I know of) I have to set my screen resolution to whatever resolution I wish to game in.


Now normally I would just deal with 1600x900 and leave it there it's not too bad on screen for normal usage. However going from 1600x900 to 1440x810 seems (oddly) like an even bigger jump than from 1920x1080 to 1600x900 and everything is just too large (the icons the taskbar, etc. even set as small as possible) for me to be comfortable with. So in order to play the game at 1440x810 I have to set my screen resolution to 1440x810 and change it back to either 1600x900 or 1920x1080 when I'm done playing.


This gets rather irritating, so much so that I've considered just using fullscreen mode... except for the fact that using the borderless windows add some key things.

1. They they seem to help smooth out some of the stuttering (maybe placebo effect idk it just seems to help)

2. They allow me to alt-tab out of the game without the game committing suicide when I alt-tab back in.


Sorry for the rambling (and everything else I come on this forum for) it's just irritating and on top of working out the bugs in my install it's just (>v<). I'd probably even settle for something that would just allow me to alt-tab out without it taking the plunge from a skyscraper (metaphorically speaking) while playing in fullscreen at this point.


Will, Neo, or Monty move this somewhere more appropriate if you feel it should be placed elsewhere please. I just thought this would be fine.

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Either a way to alt-tab out of the game in fullscreen mode without it crapping out when you try to go back in or a way to fool the borderless window into thinking x resolution is your fullscreen size say 1440x810 instead of your current monitor resolution of 1600x900 and have the window still fill the screen I guess would be the easiest way to say it something like that.


The advantage fo borderless windowed mode seems to be that it smooths things out a bit in game and allows you to alt-tab out. However to play at either 1440x810 or 1600x900 and use 1920x1080 for surfing the web or watching movies I have to change the resolution on my monitor ALOT.

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Okay now since this thread is starting to annoy me a little bit! :)


You cannot have two different resolutions on one monitor at any given time. This is a monitor limit.

There might be a program out there somewhere that allows you to setup a profile that automatically alter the resolution depending on which application you have running as the active one.

However I doubt that any skyrim mod will be able to do this, since such a feature would require driver level access. So perhaps you need to go ask on the Nvidia or ATI forum for such a thing. It sounds more like their cup of tea.


Hope that helps!

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