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HELP!! I Have Blue Tree's



Please help me :)



I downloaded the skyrim revisited thingy and i think done everything right although i know i missed a few mods out, mainly ones i didn't really want and to save me time (5-6 tops i would think, although i have no idea which now), but now after starting to play i seem to have no sky and blue tree's, i was looking through and see no mention of this in the forums was kinda hoping one of you fine gents could help me out, I'm sure its something easy that I've missed.


Great job btw, when i looked at this originally it scared me, but its set out nicely and apart from this little bug i cruised through.

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its cool i just re-downloaded some texture packs and it seems to of done the trick, although for some reason now the nights are really bright :( but ill figure it out (or completey *wah! moy iu dah!* it up lol)


https://wiki.step-project.com/User:Neovalen/Skyrim_Revisited#MCM_Menu_Settings <--- i pretty much did exactly this, but left a few mods out from the list, the rest i followed to the tee, thanks for the speekdy reply anyways


Edit: Oh then i added skyre and a few more from another step by step thread i found on these forums

Mod Edit: Removed swearing. Keep it classy. - WilliamImm

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