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Installing non-step mods alongside step?



So I have been following the step guide pretty closely. I was wondering however, how do I get other mods to work with STEP? I wanted to use some follower mods..as well as a body mod (CBBE, UNPB, or possibly even the TBBP bodies) along with compatable clothing mods.


What is the first step to understanding how to make sure these mods sit in correctly with my wyrebash and boss load order...lists..etc.


Is there a guide? and if not, could some one just give me a short explanation on what I need to know?

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I put mods in their section using Wrye Bash, so for example a body mod might be placed at the end of the Characters & Creatures section, which would be after natural eyes. The one thing to watch out for is that the mod you are installing is compatible with the mods in STEP. If it is then either don't use the mod or uninstall the STEP mod and you use whatever you like.


You do not need to uninstall and reinstall everything, just install the new mod/s and rerun all your Skyproc patchers and Bashed Patch if you add a mod that adds an esp/esm, also if you install an animation rerun FNIS. Don't forget BOSS with the mods that add esp/esm.


Some body/face mods aren't always compatible with each other, so I really like All-in-One Face that is used by Skyrim Revisited and UNP body, so I don't bother with XCE.

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