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Using Mod Organizer with BUM (Boss Userlist Manager)



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Bumping an old thread here, but I have the same issue and I can not find a solution.


Hours...trying, researching...nothing.


So, how does one select the correct MOD PATH when launching BUM through MO?


I have a working mod list of 239 mods and 140 esp's, but this... no info and no solution.


I just don't want to sort my esp by hand anymore after running BOSS.


Thanks :)


Edit: I went ahead and plowed through it even though there is no explanation specific to using it through MO. I haven't tried it in game yet but I'll come back if I need to update. What I did: I just browsed to "skyrim.esm" because that's what the popup said was missing.


LAME! When using MO; this is not the "mod path" AND "skyrim.esm" is not a "folder"... Please update somewhere so it's easier to find and understand for us using the best mod manager. THANKS. (wasted 4 hours on this one thing 'cause I hate moving forward if I'm not sure). I want my $0.00 back! ;)

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