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ok, so i wasnt quite sure where on the forums this would/should get posted. 


finally with my new computer i started in with adding the mods to skyrim following step v2.2.4  unfortunately did not do any benchmarks till it was mostly modded already.  and with opethfeldt6's enb.


extreme step.  any mods installed i went with the highest quality possible.  in addition i also used cbbe, and 2 armor mods, ultimate followers overhaul, apachi sky hair, and have 2 custom races installed, realistic lighting overhaul, and climates of tamriel.


computer spec's:

fx8350 @ 4.8

16gb ddr3 1600

7970 ghz 6gb vram

win7 64



i did the benchmark through the entire beginning sequence, i just pressed finnished as fast as i could at the character creation screen to include some combat as well. 

GPU Core Clock [MHz]  GPU Temperature [ーC]  GPU Load [%]  Memory Usage (Dedicated) [MB]  Memory Usage (Dynamic) [MB] 

average 1050 61.2677 80.2568 2185.306 74.377

deviation 0 2.8592 17.2768 115.9696 0.6332


Frames  Time (ms) Min  Max  Avg

32274 556503 33 63 57.994

i have my computer set to 60fps max since its the refresh rate of my tv.

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Thanks for the benchmark data. You should add your system specs to the wiki. Once we get the functionality working to cross reference the performance data, system specs and mod setup data, we'll add this (not sure when we'll get to that though).

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so, even though my computer can handle it all, and it looks amazing... it only looks amazing for somewhere around 30 min - 1 hr depending on what im doing before i get a ctd.   after searching around it seems that im suffering from the crash at 3+gb of ram usage like alot of other people are as well.

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Yeah, I went with the baseline step instead of doing all those high res textures for just that reason, seems to be more an issue with the engine than the computers running it. with 2.2.5 fully setup I run just over 2GB RAM and VRAM usage.

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i hover just above 2gb of ram usage now that ive reduced some textures... till i start going through buildings. if i have a bunch of stuff to do in a city, ram usage just gets bigger and bigger till i crash. i stop it at ~2.9 and have to save and reload. and quicksave every 5-10 minutes when im running around still.

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