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[Fixed] Missing Top-Left? Text



I have been playing Skyrim with STEP for a few weeks now. Everything has been going well. That is until recently when I noticed that the text in the top-left of the screen has not been showing up anymore. Now call me crazy but I seem to remember it showing events like "Added potion to inventory" etc, if you picked up a potion.


Since I followed STEP I had a handy back up of the vanilla game in pristine condition. However it appears that even with this and no mods at all installed when I pick up items etc I still don't get any message. Perhaps I imagined it? But I swear there used to be a sort of message box on the top left of the screen that reported on things you did in game. I had also thought that perhaps it was some setting in my Skyrim.ini or SkyrimPrefs.ini that was causing this. So I reverted to the vanilla ones, but that didn't do anything either.


Not quite sure what to do at this point. Any help would be appreciated.

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Remember you only get messages in the top left when items get added/removed to/from inventory by quests, not from just picking them up from the ground. What happens if you add one septim from the console?


player.additem f 1


That should certainly trigger a message.


Things that might affect the position of that message are the font used (which STEP changes) and possibly the inner workings of SkyUI since the latest version has a new overlay layer for the buffs. I don't think it affects text messages but I might be wrong.

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You are absolutely right! I was perhaps a little over zealous after reinstalling vanilla skyrim and not seeing a message upon the first thing I picked up. I played a little longer and all is functioning well. Makes me wonder whether or not it was ever bugged in the first place, perhaps I reverted to vanilla for no reason. Ah well no matter. Thanks for your help.

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