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FRAPS Shenanigans - Bizarre Physics Issue



Does anyone else get this?


I was going to try to do the Benchmarks series recommended by S.T.E.P.


I installed FRAPS, and started Skyrim.  When the opening sequence began the physics in the game just went nuts.  When I would look around it seemed to propel the cart into the air, horses flew, trees were toppled.  It seemed to be tied to where I looked, but the other cart in the game also spun wildly out of control and jack-knifed, killing the horse.  Contact with the terrain seemed to effect the situation as well, with the slightest bumps sending the carts into the air.  Everything ended up in a pile of bodies and one NPC simply flew away on horseback.


This behavior was directly repeatable - it would occur when I installed FRAPS and stop when I removed it.  This was on a totally vanilla freshly installed game.


Has anyone else had this experience?

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