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Ace Combat Skills


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I'm wondering what kind of gameplay and combat mods you are using.  I'm not near my PC but I know I'm using ACE, ASIS and HLE with Uncapper.  Can't recall what else.  I tried to find a thread on ACE but don't see anything recent.  What are you guys using to amp up/spice up the gameplay?  Anyone still using ACE?  


I guess it was the search engine, but I found a thread on some perk mods and some users still using ACE. Any other suggestions welcome, especially AI and combat related improvements. I do have DG and DB.

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I'm using ACE with HLE and Duel - Combat Realism. Really, really like it, although I might have to do some testing, because two-handed weapons seem to be completely overpowered both for me and enemies. You said you wanted AI changes and ACE + Duel delivers pretty well, I think. I especially like Duel's new NPC AI when sneaking -- they'll no longer go "oh, a dead guy, must've been the wind" but will instead go into search mode and come looking for you.

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