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Proper way to archive a complete MO/STEP install?



Hello all,


I have just made a complete Skyrim 2.2.3 STEP install using MO.  It seems to be running fine so far Min FPS 28, AVG 85, MAX 112.


I already have Vanilla and   NMM/TPC archives before I tried STEP.


With MO using the virtual data file system, I don't see any files in my STEAM APPS/Skyrim/Data folder of course.


So how can I archive my entire actual STEP install this time?  I've done this for all my TES games just to be safe between PC builds etc.




P.s. I did search "backup" and "archive" in the forum and didn't see any specific answers.

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Skyrim Installation Swapper is a good way to create an archive since it includes ancillary directories, in addition to the Skyrim directory, that have a few data files that need to be preserved. It doesn't include the vanilla Skyrim files thus saving some disk space in the backup copy. The core vanilla Skyrim files are easily restored from Steam or from a separate archive copy of the core Skyrim files.
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I'll look at that. 


Does that mean there is no way to have an archive like a disk image that has ALL the files copied?  Could I manually add them to that Swapper backup copy before it is made?


Edit: I just looked at the front page of that and it looks like it's current limitations may not work for MO yet. Thanks again.

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