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NPCs standing still instead of walking along doing their thing



I checked online and it seems a few people have had this problem, and have pointed their fingers at Bethesda. Something to do with NavMesh? I don't really know, I just wanted to check if there is any fix for this as it is annoying.


If I use the wait function for an hour in-game they seem to remember what they were doing and get to it, and sometimes if I walk into them a few times or open the dialogue a few times. So it doesn't seem to be completely broken.


I backed up the cleaned Beth esms and am doing another verify game cache. Will let you know if that changes anything. I would prefer different problems to this one so if I have to keep them a little dirty then I will. Unless something blows up in my face.


Everything else is working nicely, seemingly.


"HighlandFarmMilk.esp Active

Warning: This file contains 1 deleted NavMesh record that TES5Edit cannot repair automatically and it may cause problems with your game. NavMesh deletions should be reported to the mod author. A guide to repairing NavMesh deletions with TES5Edit is located here."


Could that have anything to do with it?

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You are quite often in this forum, so please stick to the guidelines for this particular subforum:

When posting for support, please including the following:


System Specs - Including model and clock rate of the CPU and GPU, whether you use an HDD or SSD, and screen resolution

Graphics driver version and settings

Skyrim launcher settings

STEP version and any additional mods used

Texture/quality resolution options - "highest available", "only 1k", etc.

Installation method - Wrye Bash, Mod Organizer, NMM, or manual

Screenshots and/or video of the bug, where applicable


Thank you.

Your issue has never happened to me before, so I can't say for sure, what's wrong with your game. If it was a pure navmesh problem, then the people wouldn't walk at all and definitely not after only waiting one hour. Are you using any mods using scripts which have not been updated to at least the 1.8 patch? Does your companion still move along with you or is he still as well?

Which version of "Move it dammit" do you use?


Also please go to Skyrim.ini and set these





to "1".

Reload your savegame where nobody moves at all and wait for an hour or so until they move again. Save, quit the game, go to Docs\My Games\Skyrim\Logs\Script\Papyrus.0.log and post what it says in this form:

[spoiler]log report[/spoiler]
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