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regarding SMAA installation



Wanted to ask this in a new thread as I read something about the other thread being hijacked and slotted for splitting, etc.


Going through the STEP guide right now, and following all the steps to the letter, but when it comes to SMAA, I'm having one heck of a time trying to locate any info on how to install/enable it etc.


From google searching and looking at the nvidia optimization guide, etc, I see that it is a series of 4 files (.dll .ini .h .fx files) and that I'm supposed to isntall them in my Skyrim's .exe folder.


Is there something I'm missing? So far I have only read about installing it in the folder, that it should only be installed for DX9, yet my Steam Skyrim folder also has a DX10 folder? Alright, so I'm confused. Is there somewhere that has a more step by step guide or thread on how to install/ready your game for SMAA?


Thanks so much :)

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Thanks techangel85, I happened across that page about 5 min after I posted of course... :P


"Extract the folder to your desired location and in the d3d9 folder (do not use the files from the d9d10 folder!!!) rename "d3d9.dll" to "d3d9_smaa.dll".


Now copy the following files into your Skyrim root directory:

â–  d3d9_smaa.dll

â–  injector.ini

â–  SMAA.h

â–  SMAA.fx"


Okay, so I know I read that right, get the files from the d3d9 folder within the archive file, rename the .dll file, and simply copy/paste them into the same folder as the TESV folder, right? Which means even though I have a DX 10 folder in the Skyrim folder, just play like it's not even there?


Sorry to be dense, just want to do it right.

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