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Glow LOD true lights



Recently I presented a method in which I have used the DynDOLOD Glow LOD to create lights which extend across the whole map. LLF Infinite Lights Distance

I am currently working to smoothly blend these lights in and out, however I am unsure how DynDOLOD is enabling these in the distance and fading them out when close. I would appreciate clarification over what nif properties or whatever else, is controlling this.


Further to this, DynDOLOD may need to be expanded in the future to better support these lights. These lights ideally need to be active for all static lights so an option to enable this may be worth being made clear in the inis or the advanced menu itself. Currently, I am using the bounds of the geometry for the radius and position, and using the emittance, with optional culling of the original mesh which can boost performance. On my side, there is no performance impact from having any number of lights so it is totally fine have as many lod lights as we want.

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"Glow LOD" covers several different things. I assume you are probably replacing or attaching to the "fake lights" NIFs that are added for certain references using LIGH base records. See https://dyndolod.info/Help/Glow-LOD#Fake-Lights

The DynDOLOD INI settings FakeLightsMinScale/FakeLightsChildWorldMinScale are compared to the XRDS - Radius (ignoring the base record radius)

currently define a minimum reference "XRDS - Radius" / 128 >= FakeLightsMinScale|FakeLightsChildWorldMinScale. So if you want to cover more lights set it to 0.

Only LIGH base records without a model are eligible. I might be forgetting additional qualifiers right now. If so this can be all addressed ofc as needed.

The the fake lights are added as dynamic LOD references always using the same NIF - really did this a long time ago. It would be possible to create different NIFs with different shader properties/parameters on the fly. However if you can attach/replace this to specific Shapes or Shader settings/textures in object LOD based, then that would be a better solution, especially for further distances, easily adding these to the map and performance but also for setting additional parameters like color etc. from the base record.

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