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Dragon Breath, No Texture



Just finished installing STEP all the way through for the first time using Mod Manager, and I am now wondering why I didn't always use it.  Combined with BOSS, BUM, Wrye Bash, and TES5EDIT, you can really beat your game's behind into submission.


The only issue I'm having (so far) is that when the opening dragon appears and breathes fire, the usual damage decal/texture doesn't appear.  It appears to be missing altogether, you can get a look at the phenomenon in the pictures.  Prior to the fire-blast these areas looked normal.  Whatever is supposed to replace those textures after fire exposure occurs is not making an appearance. 


Just looking for a diagnosis and a fix.  Thank you for any help offered.


Posted Image


Posted Image

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Correct! That fixed it. I really don't know how to install things meant for NMM and Wrye Bash yet. What fixed this was selecting the author's picks for BFSE.


When you install and there's options like you'd find in an NMM, Mod Manager doesn't show you the pictures of the options, so you're sort of stuck.


Thank you!

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