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Error When Applying BCFs



I'm currently in the process of removing the Texture Pack Combiner from my mod lineup and using the individual mods according to STEP for more control over the textures that I use.


I'm currently having problems with 2 files however, the Skill Interface Retexture - Dawnguard addon, and the Real Ice - All In One Installer. I have the appropriate BCF files dropped in the BAIN Converters folder. I can right click on the installers and apply the conversion. But when I do, the progress bar stops at about 10%, then seems to finish and I get this error in a new window:


Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "bash\basher.pyo", line 11329, in Execute

AttributeError: 'InstallerConverter' object has no attribute 'hasBCF'


And the package is still greyed out in the installers tab. This happens with both of these packages. I don't know anything about how this process works so I don't know what the problem is. I've tried deleting the BCF, closing WB, redownloading the BCF and reopening WB, but the error persists. Any ideas?

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Every time I post a problem I'm having with a mod, I fix it for myself 5 minutes later. I didn't realize that the BCF converters made new packages, so I wasn't looking for them. I also have 400+ packages in my installers tab, so they got lost in there somewhere. So I have the working packages now. Excuse my ignorance :)

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The new packages will end up being put right before the ==Last== marker in WB when sorted by install order, so it is good practice to click the Packages tab to sort by name. Then find the mod you want to convert, apply the conversion and the new packages will pop up next to the mod you just converted since they will have almost identical names. After that, the order number is next to the mods so just move the new old to the old ones number, easy peasy.


Oh, and just ignore the error message.

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