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Micro-stuttering and tearing AMD 7970



Ok so I am working with a complete vanilla install + SMAA injector and I am getting lots of micro-stuttering and when I implemented and FPS limiter I started to have tons of horizontal tearing.  I have read over the threads/guides for fixing the problem but I have mostly noticed that they are all for NVidia and I need some help with my AMD.


I removed the fps limiter to stop the tearing but the stuttering is rather bad.

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When posting for support, please including the following:


System Specs - Including model and clock rate of the CPU and GPU, whether you use an HDD or SSD, and screen resolution

Graphics driver version and settings

Skyrim launcher settings

STEP version and any additional mods used

Texture/quality resolution options - "highest available", "only 1k", etc.

Installation method - Wrye Bash, Mod Organizer, NMM, or manual

Screenshots and/or video of the bug, where applicable



Thank you.

As for you issues, I'm guessing you've removed vsync and you have a vram-limitation.

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Ok I am not totally sure how to find all of the information you said I need to provide but this is what I did find.


Alienware M17X-R4

OS: Windows 7 64-bit (SP-1)

CPU: Intel Core i7-3610QM @2.30Ghz (MTB: 3.3Ghz)(4-core)

Memory: 6.00 GB RAM

Storage: HDD 456GB

GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7970M

     Total Available Mem: 4839MB

     Ded. Graphics Mem: 2048MB

     Shared system Mem: 2791MB

Resolution: 1600x900

DirectX: DX10

Sound: Sound Blaster Recon 3Di


I don't know where to find the driver info for my GPU.

I was following the install instructions for STEP 2.2.2 I started to notice stuttering indoors so when I added the Dragonborn DLC I decided to revert to a vanilla install and start over but I notice that the vanilla install has the same stuttering issues.

I have MO, Wyre, and BOSS installed (I'm still going over the guides trying to learn how to use them properly) and I have downloaded TESV:EDIT but not installed yet.


The Skyrim Launcher set default to Ultra, and I dropped the SMAA into it and unchecked the FXAA box and set the AA to 0 samples. I can tell a difference but the stuttering is still present. My AMD Catalyst settings still match those instructed by the STEP directions however I updated the drivers from the AMD website but I don't know how to check and actually see the version description.


I apologize for any frustration, I am moving from Xbox to PC and I don't really understand everything yet. If you can point me towards any guides/videos for system optimization or anything that I should make sure is set up outside the game I will gladly go through it.

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Have you overclocked anything?

what is your GPU-Z report?

How is your cooling?

Have you disabled Vsync in skyrimprefs.ini in order to apply the FPS-limiter?

How full is your HDD?

Is your PSU for your laptop working alright?

Do you have micro-stuttering in any other games?

Have you verified your game cache?

Have you deleted your ini files and renderinfo.txt under My Games\Skyrim and let them be recreated by the steam skyrim launcher?

Is the stuttering still apparent when using the standard configuration for the CCC?

Do you get the stuttering without the smaa injector?


Here a couple of threads related to this issue:



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No overclocks

GPU Core Clock: 850Mhz

GPU Load: 55.7

Mem Use: 754.6

Fraps: AVG 59.9

Min 55

Max 65

Cooling: Max 71C

Yes I disabled the VSync when the limiter was in use

Have approx 250GB free space

I don't know what PSU is.

No (Fallout3, FalloutNV, CS:GO, DOTA2, GW2)

Verified Game: Yes

Recreated ini files: Yes



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Then revert to the normal CCC profile for skyrim and to the normal inis.

In the cmd.exe do chkdsk /F on the disk you installed your skyrim.

Defrag your hard disk.

Uninstall your current drivers and install the newest available (newest beta version if available)

Delete Skyrim through Steam, make sure your Skyrim folder under Steamapps\Common is gone and reinstall Skyrim.

Disable UAC and run Skyrim as administrator.


Can't say I know what your issue is. If the issue persists through this troubleshooting marathon, you've most probably got an hardware issue which only comes up, because Skyrim loads as many files as it does in a certain way, which cripples your system.

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Ok so I did the following before I got a chance to read your reply:


I updated to the AMD 13.2 Beta 5 Driver

rest the ini files, reset the CCC to defaults

I was getting noticeably less stuttering but still just enough to be annoying

I read something about how someone else found a solution to similar problem by using a gamepad instead of a mouse, so i plugged in my ps3 controller(emulating xbox360) and low and behold the stuttering was 99% gone. now it only stutters extremely rarely and only for a split second and I can play with the controller or the mouse and I have no more issues. I dont know what this means from a programming side of things but Im glad its fixed lol


thank you so much for your help and patience!

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Well I don't know if its AMD or not but the other day after I went through all that and got the stuttering to vanish I fired up the game and noticed that outside in large areas my fps was dropping to 35-45 and there was crazy stuttering again. So of course I was raging and looking around and as I was just about to post another kittened off topic my laptop popped the notification that it was about to die so I plugged it in and the fps shot back up to a constant 59(capped). So apparently because I am an idiot I forgot that the power save features will mess with gameplay performance. /facepalm

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