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Shadows issue



Do you know about an issue with just some shadows being very very ugly? for example shadows my hair cast on my face are like 50x50 resolution and looks like a huge shadow pixels on my face... some different objects or NPC cast same ugly shadow. I cant just isolate this to hair tho... for example throne chair in Whiterun cast terrible shadow as well... same as most of NPC there

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the value which increases the graphical appearance of shadows is amongst others fshadowbiasscale but it does not apply indoors. The ugly shadows your hair casts are by actor self shadowing and this can actually only be "fixed" by ENB. You can disable actorselfshadowing by raising I think fshadowbiasscale to about 1.65. This will cause shadows to move away from their objects during sunrise and sunset, though.

If you want to try out shadow tweaks use the tweaks from INSS (Improved New Skyrim Shadows). Otherwise use an ENB or live with it.

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