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LODGen & TexGen



TL;DR: can I create billboard for trees with textgen and build tree LODs with xlodgen64 instead of using dyndolod?



Long mode: I putted my question first because lot of people just skip my question when I try to be as polite as possible, because the wall of text :(

I'd like to start saying that I spent the last two days searching for this information, so if it's somewhere please excuse me, I wasn't able to find it or to understand it.

I know that dyndolod is better than xlodgen, adds more meshes and so on, but I don't want to add to my load order the Esp and the esm generated, so I would like to use lodgen. I need it for the very basic task of rendering new added trees and building, i don't really need quality because I blur the lods with enb. Since I'm using two tree mods without proper billboards, I'd like to know if I can generate such billboards with textgen and let lodgen take care of the lods. I would also like to understand how those things actually works but I wasn't able to find any explanation, just the instructions to run the programs.


Thanks in advance!

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There is no such program called textgen.

If you mean TexGen from DynDOLOD 3 alpha,  I suggest to read its manual and help files.

Standard  (non HD) tree LOD billboards generated by TexGen are compatible with standard tree LOD generation of xLODGen/DynDOLOD.

DynDOLOD is the advanced version of xLODGen for easier and improved tree and object LOD generation.
You can use DynDOLOD to only generate tree LOD only and uncheck all the other LOD options. Then the tree LOD will have the improvements of DynDOLOD compared to xLODGen. If you only use the tree LOD meshes/texture you can ignore the plugins.

If you do not install any patches from DynDOLOD Resources and uncheck dynamic LOD, underside, occlusion there will be only minimal data in the plugins required for the object LOD to work correctly.

However,  you just shooting yourself in both feet not generating proper LODs with updated textures and update LOD models. I mean if you want to run around in the world  like being short sighted is one thing. But that doesn't change that textures do not match and things pop into existing out of nowhere. 

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