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DynDOLOD/Legacy of the Dragonborn issue



I was experiencing weird LOD issues while in the Sancre Tor part of LotD, and when I tried rerunning DynDOLOD, I noticed Sancre Tor, despite being its own worldspace, isn't included in the list of available worldspaces for DynDOLOD. Outside the castle, I'm getting missing/grey textures, flickering trees, very low res textures on chests, and disappearing objects and enemies when I walk. I've included images to show what I'm talking about. I'm also experiencing frequent Infinite Loading Screens when trying to move from one interior cell in the Sancre Tor castle to another, like going from the prison to the entry hall or back, and several ILSs when trying to go from the outside of the castle to the entry hall. I don't know if Sancre Tor was intentionally excluded from DynDOLOD for technical reasons, or if it was an oversight, but I am perfectly aware that I seem to be the only person experiencing this issue, so it's possible the problem is on my end.


I can only upload a max of ~500kb, so here's another screenshot.


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What makes you believe this has anything to do with DynDOLOD?

The worldspace has no lodsettings file. That is probably because it is very small.

So, the screenshots are most likely showing full models.

Make sure to stay under the max plugin limit.

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