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[Cleaning] WSCO - Windsong Skyrim Character Overhaul


In the tutorial 3.0 for LE and concerning the mod WSCO - Windsong Skyrim Character Overhaul, it is written that after having made an automatic cleaning it is necessary to remove the line "0009F83A dunBluePalaceMareMaiden" by making >right button >remove , but with xedit 4.0.3 the only option available with the right button is "remove (identical to master) record" and it does not work.
I get an error message telling me that the function is outdated by autocleaning. and i have no just "remove" option .

Also, if I check "allow manual cleaning function" in the options I get an error message too.

what should I do ?

Thank you.   

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If you entered 0009F83A into the FormID box at the top, it most likely is taking you to the record in Skyrim.esm. Instead, do this in TES5Edit:

  • Expand WSCO - OcciFemaleVNL .esp (or whatever the WSCO ESP is named in your setup)
  • Expand Non-Player Character (Actor)
  • Scroll through the list and select 0009F83A dunBluePalaceMareMaiden Sultry Maiden
  • Right click on 0009F83A and select Remove

You might also verify the arguments to TES5Edit.exe in Mod Organizer are "-IKnowWhatImDoing -TES5 -AllowMasterFilesEdit" (without the quotes).

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