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Any way to increase LOD window glow/brightness?


I know there's a setting inside MCM to increase glow but it doesn't seem to do anything. Would like to have my windows from large building like Solitude be a bit more bright at nights. Can this be done? Already re-ran Dyndolod without "Rustic Windows" thinking the blueish cast made them less bright, but it didn't make much of a difference.

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You can use ENB settings to increase the window brightness.


LOD windows that you can can click with open console and have a reference form id in a DynDOLOD plugin are "High" windows that get their brightness from the weather.


The others are in static object LOD and you could edit the *glow_lod_*.nif in Meshes\lod\solitude\ folder of DynDOLOD Resources directly in NifSkope and manually increase their Emissive Multiple. Then generate LOD again or use the "Execute LODGen" button in expert mode to simply rerun the object LOD meshes generation only.

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