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DynDOLOD or xLodGen for distant object lods.




Is this possible to achieve same effect regarding distant objects lod with xLodGen as with DynDOLOD? I recently entered a discussion with a certain person on this topic and I tried to convince him that DynDOLOD is simply better (excluding terrain gen option) because it creates more object lods than xLodGen but I couldn't. This person also said that the module that is responsible for creating distant object lods is exactly the same in both programs and the only difference is that the DynDOLOD have more options and xLodGen is easier to use. Now i do not know which program should i use.

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DynOLOD is the easier and advanced version of xLODGen.


xLODGen.exe beta is a versions of xEdit.exe with a beta test of terrain LOD and occlusion generation. xLODGen is a CK replacement LOD generator.


DynDOLOD.exe is a modified xLODGen.exe to easily create a LOD patch with improved tree and object LOD for entire load orders.


The DynDOLOD package automates dozen of processes and steps that otherwise take months if not years with CK, xEdit, xLODGen, 3D programs like Blender/3DMax, image tools like PhotoShop/Paint etc.


I suggest to simply ignore posts or advice that are blatantly wrong or misleading. Such ignorant statements are easily identified by phrases like "xLODGen is easier", "xLODGen does what DynDOLOD does", "DynDOLOD is performance heavy", suggesting to use xLODGen for tree and object LOD generation instead of DynDOLOD or that pre-made LOD included in mods should be used instead of generating it. These people do not understand the immense differences of the programming, code and LOD generation, especially when it comes to ultra tree LOD, texture generation, automatic patching and what a comprehensive LOD mod for the load order means.


You use both, obviously, as explained plenty of times:


1. use xLODGen to generate terrain LOD

2. use TexGen/DynDOLOD to generate drastically improved object and tree LOD

3. use xLODGen to create Occlusion.esp - or create data with DynDOLOD in step 2.

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