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  1. @notcyf check SSE Display Tweaks ini file.
  2. Hi, Is this possible to achieve same effect regarding distant objects lod with xLodGen as with DynDOLOD? I recently entered a discussion with a certain person on this topic and I tried to convince him that DynDOLOD is simply better (excluding terrain gen option) because it creates more object lods than xLodGen but I couldn't. This person also said that the module that is responsible for creating distant object lods is exactly the same in both programs and the only difference is that the DynDOLOD have more options and xLodGen is easier to use. Now i do not know which program should i use.
  3. So if they are meant to load after some mods and i will esm flag them, It will probably break my game? It is probably stupid question, but what if i esmify every plugin in game? Will they work?
  4. I found out that one of The mods that were causing flickering is cutting room floor. Esmyfing him fixed it but it also broke loot sorting. CRF is meant to be loaded after few mods, but when it is flagged as esm i am not able to move it on my load order. When i try to move it it automatically goes up to other esps flagged as esm pluggins. Is there a workaround i can do? The only fix i can see is to esmify all pluggins that cause flickering after finishing my modlist and never ever touch them again.
  5. Can large reference bug be caused by using texture mods? I mean this type of flickering: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lz5KyMuDsU. It was recorded few weeks ago and i am not able to check DynDOLOD log :/ Is it possible to make trees render full 3d for further distance?
  6. I understood this that if in my ini uLargeRefLODGridSize = uGridsToLoad i can safely generate LODs with this setting: IgnoreLargeReferences=1. I guess i am too dumb to understand this and will have to play with uLargeRefLODGridSize=9 to prevent this big objects to load right before my nose.
  7. So i have to set IgnoreLargeReferences=1 and then convert dyndolod.esp to dyndolod.esm? Or is it not that easy? If may be obvious for you but i am not native english speaker and there are a lot of things that i can not understand even after translating them.
  8. I have one more question. In order to fix Large ref bug, you told me to set uLargeRefLODGridSize=9 to uLargeRefLODGridSize=5. It mostly fixed flickering but also changed that some big objects are loading from far shorter distance than before. Is it possible to fix in DynDOLOD? https://imgur.com/gallery/WXMtAiC
  9. So, if i want to have wall lod to match full texture i have to create WRWallsLOD01.dds texture myself?
  10. Hi, Could you tell me if this behaviour of objects and textures is normal? Video: https://youtu.be/0CJfyZHj8yE Also, i checked wrcitywall texture in TexGen and it does not match lod in game: https://imgur.com/a/L561fEX?third_party=1#_=_
  11. Thank you, that did worked. Last question. I am using HD Skyrim SE Textures and i have problem with horse stall building near Whiterun. It's LOD texture have red roof but full texture is yellow. Is it possible to somehow change it but also retain redroof lod of Whiterun buildings? https://imgur.com/a/DwgVfD2
  12. Okay, so i did a video on this textures flickering. It was existing save but i tried also on new one and it is the same. LODs are newly generated. https://youtu.be/3lz5KyMuDsU
  13. It was described like it is higher visual quality option. I read manual for ultra trees and you wrote that it should be used only for testing not for gameplay. Why is it in S.T.E.P guide then? Since the guide is intended for newbies, this option should not be included in it. However, i ran it with all mods, TreeFullFallback=1 without any errors. I have two more questions. 1. I am experiencing distant texture flickering. Can it be fixed with DynDOLOD? 2. What does NearGridToLoad and FarGridToLoad does? Can i benefit form setting both options higher? I was reading manual but i do not really understand it.
  14. I was following S.T.E.P guide. I was generating LODs with other texture mods without any problem with this setting set to "0" Yes, everything is cleaned, LOOT shows no warnings. Page file is unchanged. When i generate LODs i do not use my PC nor any program is running in the background. I will try to run it one more time with TreeFullFallback=1 and with PapyrusUtil SE, DynDOLOD Resources SE and Cathedral Landscapes only.
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