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DynDOLOD 2.81 + Open Cities Skyrim SEE


First, thank you Sheson and everyone who creates content for this community.  You folks truly are the unsung heros that keep our gaming passions alive after so many years.  I support many of you (Gamer Poet, Arthmoor, etc) and my list continues to grow out of appreciation for all your work.


I've been struggling with DynDOLOD 2.81 (standalone, with DynDOLOD resources SE 2.81 and still utilizing Papyrus).


I'm not a "new user".  I've generated 3D Ultra LODs successfully in the past, tweaking DynDOLOD_SSE.ini treeLOD and TreeFullFallBack booleans as needed.  


That said, I've RTFM and for the life if me, I can't get DynoDOLOD to 'Generate DynDOLOD'.  I'm very willing to contribute for personalized help if you think that is best.


Here is what I have.  I use Mod Organizer 2 v2.2.2.1

I have latest version of Skyrim SSE and SKSE64

It's a clean install (no save file)


1) DynDOLOD 2.81 + DynDOLOD Resources SE 2.81 installed and working properly. 

2) Papyrus installed and working properly 3.9 installed and working properly

3) Open Cities Skyrim SE 3.1.5 installed

4) Trees in Cities Open Cities Edition SSE installed.


5) OCS + LOTD5Patch.esp

6) Snowy AF Windhelm - OCS Patsh.esp

7) Open Cities Skyrim - Holidays.esp

8) 3DNPC SE open Cities Skyrim Patch.esp


Step 1:


Texgenx64 created my Texgen_Output using full LO (LOD Texture size 512, BC7 format - dafault options)

Packed and installed Texgen_Output as a mod just like usual.  Activated Texgen_Output


Step 2:


DynDOLODx64 > Advanced > Selected all worldspaces > Selected High Mesh Rules > Selected Max Tile Size 512 > Generate Static LOD, Create Texture Atlas, Generate Tree LOD - only those options selected > Ok.


The process worked fine.  Pressed "Exit" (NOT 'Save and Exit - as instructed).  DynDOLOD_Output file was created, looks normal.  Contains both the esp and esm files.  


Step 3:


Navigated to and opened DynDOLOD_SSE.ini.  Removed 'Open Cities Skyrim' from the 'WarnModFileName= list. Saved INI file changes.


Step 4:  


Run DynDOLODx64, Advanced Settings, only selecting my worldspaces and the box "Generate DynDOLOD" while ensuring Generate Static LOD, Create Texture Atlas, and Generate Tree LOD are unchecked.




Found Trees in Cities - Open Cities Skyrim Edition.esp.  Do not load this mod when generating LOD.  Restart and Uncheck from Master/Plugin list.


*When doing as instructed above:


Found 3DNPC SE open Cities Skyrim Patch.esp.  Do not load this mod when generating LOD.  Restart and Uncheck from Master/Plugin list. 


**I can repeat the process for all patches and eventually the dialog box says:


Found Open Cities Skyrim.esp.  Do not load this mod when generating LOD.  Restart and Uncheck from Master/Plugin list.  


I've gone back and re-read instructions.  I've watched many Gamer Poet videos, and some Wazalang videos trying to find solutions.  At this point I've exhausted the extent of my ability and I'm asking for help.


Please advice, again I am happy to contribute/compensate for 1-on-1 support.  My level of appreciation for what you folks do is beyond what I can express here.  







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The message can only appear if a plugin file name matches part of the text that is listed for WarnModFileName= in the INI that is used.


Nothing else you do or wrote matters in regards to that message.


It is as simply and straight forward as that.


You are probably editing the wrong INI (check the DynDOLOD log which INI file is loaded), the changes do not save or you are not doing the editing correctly.

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