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Flickering mountain cliffs snow with full model replace


Hello, to fix the mountain lod changing problem when I get close, I added \landscape\mountain and set it to Full Model/Static LOD8/Static LOD16 - Far LOD - Replace (Tried Unchanged first, no difference), I also did the same for the cliffs which are the main issue for me, they change suddenly:



It really worked. And I don't see any performance difference. The only issue I see is the snowy parts which appear in the distance don't exist when I get close(Not really a problem). And for a certain distance the snowy parts are flickering(This is the problem). So I'm guessing the full model dyndolod is showing and the real full model are overlapping at some point when the lod is about to show and causing this issue. It stays like this for that buffer distance. It's not a temporary flickering, flickering continues as long as I'm in that buffer distance.


So it's like this:


When I'm far away (No issue, cliffs have snow) ---------> At this distance snowy parts are flickering like a mesh overlap  ---------> When I'm close (No issue, cliffs don't have snow)


Snowy parts are flickering: 



Circled with red:



When I get close:




What do you suggest I should do to fix this? Is there a solution? I'm not using majestic mountains. No better dynamic snow. Only a simple mountain texture replacer.



Thank you in advance.

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DynDOLOD does not change how the engine works. Things load/unload on a cell by cell basis, not based on buffers.


The flickering happens in the loaded cells (toggle them with tll)? If it is outside the loaded cells, it is large reference bugs.

It sounds like the object LOD models do not unload after the full models loaded, only once you move to the next cell? 


See FAQ: Game: Out of place objects / floating objects / flickering full models for all answers.

A: If the problems is stuck object LOD in Whiterun after fast travel, change Distant Object Detail on the View Distance tab of the Advanced options of the games launcher from Ultra to High. Alternatively try just slightly changing the value fBlockLevel0Distance=60000 in SkyrimPrefs.ini to 57000. 
A: Flickering textures (full and LOD model showing at the same time) in Skyrim Special Edition and Skyrim VR are caused by plugins triggering the large reference bugs as explained in ..DynDOLOD\Docs\DynDOLOD_Manual_SSE.html. Verify if the problem goes away by setting uLargeRefLODGridSize=5 in SkyrimPrefs.ini.
It might be possible that the much larger object LOD bto files that now also have lots of BSMultiBoodNode/BSSubIndexTriShapes overwhelm the engine. See what happens if you remove most of the LOD level 4 files and all of the LOD level 8/16 files to test if this might be a resource issue. Then test in the area where there are the remaining couple LOD 4 files.
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Verify if the problem goes away by setting uLargeRefLODGridSize=5 in SkyrimPrefs.ini.

This fixed it immediately Sheson! Thanks for the fast reply! I was trying 7 because of cliffs anyway. And now cliff change is so minimal, it's very hard to notice.

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