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Steam Problem and Single Texture Problem



Ive been going on with this guide (https://wiki.step-project.com/User:DarkladyLexy/Lexys_LOTD_SE#.5BRUSTIC_ALCHEMY_and_ENCHANTING_TABLES.5D) and ive got to the 'Trees Flora and Grass' section and ive noticed my arcane enchanter texture is missing even after a certain mod download for that texture earlier in the list, so to fix it i went to verify files and heres where the steam problem came in, after pressing verify it says verifyinf 199 files (howerver many are needed for whole game i think) as the verify i guess didnt go to verify where it was supposed to and now im stuck i cant start skyrim se from steam as it noticed the game wasnt in original directory although before verify i could do so im really tired so sorry if this is really sloppy which i can guarantee it is

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Open Steam Settings, click the Download tab, and click "STEAM LIBRARY FOLDERS" button. Add a new folder pointing to the folder you want the game to be moved to. Once the new folder is setup, go to Library, right click on the game you want to move, click Properties, click the Local Files tab, and you see the "MOVE INSTALL FOLDER..." button. If you click this button, Steam should move the game to the new folder.


How can I move an installed game from one Steam library folder to another?


You can also move the entire Steam folder and all games to a new folder, although this one seems to be a bit dicey. Basically try it and hope for the best. If it doesn't work, uninstall and reinstall from scratch.


Moving a Steam Installation and Games

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