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Everything was working perfectly until Pre Smash Patch



I had it all working just fine with 224 ish esps
then I did the Pre Smash Patch, Smash Patch, zEdit, xLODGEN, TexGen and DynDOLOD all in one go instead of checking if it was after each one which was not very smart

after getting all of them done I get an infinite loading screen as Skyrim maxes out at 80% GPU usage of my 8Gb gtx1070, after closing it would still be open in the background using up everything

MO2 would get sluggish and unresponsive

Disabling the LODs the patches and zEdit and re enabling the ESPs that Pre Smash Patch combined didn't solve it, in fact, that made my LOOT 0.12.5 not open properly, then open but not see any of my ESPs other than dawnguard.esm update.esm etc. after trying a bunch more times it actually loaded them, still infinite loading screen though, I feel like smashes and LODs are not the problem, but I felt like Idiot Checks were very useful for me so what do I know


here's the modlist before I started undoing things, I did add a couple of mods to the load order that are not part of STEP, but again, it was working just fine before Pre Smash Patch



the ones I added are



Acquisitive Soul Gems Multithreaded

Danger Noodles

Winter Snakes

Fluffy Khajiit Tails

Instant Mining

Recorder Follower

Recorder Bugfix Patch

Stay Arrow Stay

Swearing Mudcrabs

Tainted Blood of the Dragonborn

Visible Favorited Gear




Is it fixable or just start from scratch (probably would be a better idea to redownload SSE)

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If you are using Mod Organizer the Skyrim folder should be relatively clean so you shouldn't need to reinstall Skyrim. You might try backing out the presmash patch, smash patch, bash patch, etc. and re-enabling any mods that got merged into these patches and hope for the best. The difficulty I run into here is trying to remember which mods were merged into a patch and which may have been deactivated for some other reason so I usually end up hiding plugins if I merge them before creating all the patches. Using separate profiles also helps... just before you start creating all the patches, copy the existing profile to a new profile and then do the patches in the new profile. If it blows up, you can easily go back to the original profile to try again.

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I got impatient and already started redoing the entire thing, I didn't do a clean install from my previous modding adventures so there were one or two things in my skyrim folder that should not have been there, I doubt it would have affected it much but better to do it twice than three times lol,
I did disable the smash bash and all the ones that happened after Consistency Patch Merge and re enabled all the ESPs that went into the pre bash and it was still maxing my GPU

if you still have the original merge folders saved in Merge Plugins it saves some version of it, tried using them and LOOT doesn't see them, but it tells you which ones need to be enabled

The profiles tip sounds good, will definitely do that

but since I feel like something may have messed with something else I think I will also just copy all the contents of the mods folder somewhere else before doing the equalizer

(which I am also a bit unsure if I installed correctly because it says to extract it into SSEEdit/EditScripts, but if I extract things that are in "The Great Equalizer - Lexy Special Edition" folder there, it will have a single pas and the great equalizer folder, and last time it was complaining about something like that, honestly forgot)

so if something goes wrong I can just delete them and go back to previous, if nothing else I will know that's not the problem

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If you copy the mods folder, be sure to also copy the profiles folder -- or at least the relevant profile folder for the profile you are currently using. This is where Mod Organizer stores the install order of the left pane. the load order of the right pane, and the list of mods that are active or inactive.

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