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Should I Mark Mergable Plugins as Optional



I've been going through Fear and Loathing. I've just created my Bashed Patch and come back to Mod Organizer. The plugins that Wrye Flash/Bash noted as mergable are unchecked as expected. Is it possible/wise/dumb to mark those plugins as Optional in M.O.? As to why, it makes the plugin list specific to what's being used. It also makes it impossible to accidently check a merged plugin, although I don't know if that's the end of the world.


I tried a few searches, here and using Google, but couldn't find an answer.




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It just occurred to me that if I need to make a Bashed Patch in the future, say because of an added mod, that I would have to unoptional/unhide the original merged plugins. That said, is there any harm in making the optional in the first place?

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