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Windows updated and MO can't start Skyrim





My computer updated automatically yesterday while I was away from the computer. Once the update was complete I tried to play Skyrim as usual and went through MO to start it. But now I'm getting a message that says "failed to initialize renderer". I googled to see if there is any type of fix but I can't seem to find any, I opened up skyrim through steam fine but it doesn't load any of the mods I downloaded thru MO. I am a bit frustrated as I spent quite a bit of time installing mods and getting skyrim to play to my likings. I am really hoping that someone can help me with this problem, I don't want to have to start from scratch or us NMM anymore. 

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This is most likely an issue with your skyrim.ini. Since you are using MO create a new profile using default INI settings and check to see that this new profile loads the game correctly.

Some users have reported that switching back to their first profile also now works if however it doesn't you can either revoe the existing INIs and create news, use BethINI to generate new ones or otherwise edit the existing INIs to match the new default ones of the new profile.


PS. A google search of "failed to initialize renderer" shows quite a number of results, perhaps you're Google searches were not specific enough.

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