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Using MO and MO2 With LOOT



Is there a way to use LOOT with both? Currently I can get LOOT to recognize the esps that I have loaded in MO2, but if I try to use LOOT through MO it no longer recognizes any of my loaded plugins. I tried installing LOOT to two separate locations (one for MO2 & SSE, one for MO & Oldrim), but it didn't help.

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The location of the install has NO bearing on what game LOOT works on.

You can make LOOT order the specific game by either:

  1. choose the game in LOOT's dropdown menu or
  2. add game switches to the arguments field in MO's executable setup

For Skyrim you can add: --game=Skyrim to the settings and for Skyrim Special Edition you add: --game="Skyrim Special Edition"

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