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  1. Awesome! This fixed it. Thank you so much
  2. Is there a way to use LOOT with both? Currently I can get LOOT to recognize the esps that I have loaded in MO2, but if I try to use LOOT through MO it no longer recognizes any of my loaded plugins. I tried installing LOOT to two separate locations (one for MO2 & SSE, one for MO & Oldrim), but it didn't help.
  3. Fixed the discord issue, and I've posted a question regarding how to use the files.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Not sure where this usvfs library is supposed to go (I don't see any files like this in the MO2 directory). Unfortunately I'm unable to post in Discord because I can't "claim" the account (even though I already have an account). I'm stuck in limbo until Discord support points me to a solution. Thanks again.
  5. Yep, it's installed outside the game folder. Actually, I used your SSE guide for setting up my game. I've since added to it, but your method of demarcating mod categories has been extremely helpful for keeping things organized. Thanks a lot!
  6. Everything was working mostly well until recently. I wanted to be able to use Merge Plugins, so I had to install a "portable" version of MO2 in order to be able to use it. Everything seemed to be fine, but then seemingly out of nowhere every time I would launch MO2 and use an app like LOOT, the tiny lockout window would stay up after closing LOOT saying that the mergeplugins.exe was still running (even if I hadn't used it since launching MO2). Now I can't even launch LOOT. It's saying "failed to spawn Loot.exe...parameter is incorrect[87]". Not sure if this is related to the issue with Merge Plugins, but whatever the cause I can no longer use LOOT from within MO2. Any thoughts?
  7. The papyrus flags file isn't present in my version of the scripts archive found in SSE. I had to copy the TESV_Papyrus_Flags.flg from Oldrim over to SSE. Whether or not this was advisable, I don't know. One remaining question that I do have is with regard to an issue where MergePlugins.exe appears to still be running even after closing it, or at least MO2 thinks that it's running. I get the little window that says "MO is locked while the executable is running". This happens not just after using Merge Plugins, but after launching any app from MO2 (like LOOT or DynDOLOD). If I bring up the task manager, MergePlugins.exe is not listed as running, so something is making MO2 think that MP is running. Any thoughts as to what might be making this happen?
  8. Started a new instance of MO2 in "Portable Mode" (took me a while to even figure out what that meant) as mentioned in some other posts, and it seems to have solved the problem (with the file paths at least).
  9. Everything seems to function mostly as it did with Oldrim, with a few exceptions. Every time I launch the app I have to manually check the master files (not a big deal). However, there is no Papyrus flags file in the scripts source folder, and I can't click "Okay" once I've set up all of the relevant configuration. Any thoughts?
  10. Yep, bypassed the fake lights options, looks great. Thanks for the mini-tutorial re. object IDs.
  11. Upon further reading, it seems that the "child world" lighting is the only one that I should be checking. This being the case, the issue that I brought up may become a non-issue. Will try this out.
  12. Thanks you for the reply. Based on what I've read in the manual, "light sources that light up objects / textures can not be done as true LOD". I'm assuming this means that the fake lights options have to be used if you want to see light lod for cities/city interiors. That being the case, are the light artifacts I described in my original post just something you have to live with if you plan on using the fake lights options? The light artifacts I described may indeed be attached to an original light source, but whatever that source may be it isn't anywhere near where the fake version of the light is. Locating the sources via ID is beyond my skill set atm, and even if I could find it the fake version of some of these light sources seems to be quite detached from any original light source. The light hanging over Whiterun plains in particular seems out of place; it essentially mimics a small moon. If there are ways I can manually edit something so that these artifacts don't show up I'm happy to learn (not expecting a tutorial here, but just a point in the right direction would be awesome). Thanks again.
  13. I'm in the process of installing my dyndolod output mod for about the 15th time, and I can't seem to find a setting that allows lod lighting to show up without also having floating balls of light that aren't attached to anything. Starting in Whiterun, as soon as I get outside the city gates there's one ball of light hanging over the city just inside the wall. There's another hanging over the planes toward the tower where the first dragon encounter happens. When I turn on the free camera I'm able to find another one hanging over the entrance to Dragonsreach. I have been able to find any documentation so far that explains this, so if anyone has any insight I'd be grateful. Thanks.
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