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Classic Skyrim Map Issue


So I've got a big ol' install of tons of mods that I'm managing on my own - using the various guides for reference here and there, but my setup is very much 'custom'.  


Anyway I've done a lot of searching and some troubleshooting (deactivated DynDOLOD, A Quality World Map, used BethINI + looked through .ini settings...) and come up with nothing here.  I don't like bothering people for help, but I'm at a loss here... I've got part of the Cyrodiil landmass showing up on my world map?  


If I revert to my default profile it I get regular old vanilla map so it's definitely a mod issue, but I have no idea which mod it might be from.  I can't quite remember but it seems like that part of the map should be obscured by clouds... 


Anyway looks like this;



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Oh god forgive me, nevermind... seems this is only in interiors, probably vanilla behaviour + BethINI's tweaks to map camera pitch.  Never noticed before.

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