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Long Time no see - We're back in business!


For anyone that was following this project I want to express how sorry I am for abandoning it the way I did. I could give you the whole bs about real life and complications arising but you've heard it too many times probably.

Since the last update I've:

 - Landed a new job as a software dev working for a pretty sweet company.

 - Learned a great deal regarding software development.

 - Gained a better insight of how to manage projects.

 - Acquired new tools and the experience needed to use them.

 - Grown a beard.



I'm going to relaunch this project, with a new name and an updated goal. I will be involving and engaging the users much more than before and hopefully together we can create something truly amazing.

I will have more details as well as a project plan up in the coming days.


Thank you,


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