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  1. Please use this thread to post suggestions for the manager. If it's popular enough, or makes sense as a should-be-included item I'll create a separate thread for that specific suggestion and we'll discuss it further. If it's accepted into the workflow I'll add it as a feature in the roadmap.
  2. I've re-launched development of the mod manager I had began working on some time ago, If anyone is interested in a more custom tailored manager for the Witcher 3 and would like to participate in the development process or just follow along as it progresses join me here
  3. Recently I stated that I was returning to the project but overhauling it in a major way. I've been busy for about a week now and I believe it's time to share some of what I've come up with whomever is interested: Enter: Sabre Sabre is the latest incarnation of this mod manager project. It's built by a nexus user in mind. Sure, I have plans to work closely with mod authors to get this thing tuned to make it easier for them to think about the mod work and less about how the user will consume the mods (along with any risks from incorrect installations) but I'm also looking at the suggestions that were made for Vortex in the nexus forums along with the requests from users and I'm trying to incorporate the most logical/thoughtful concepts that arose from that discourse. Sabre looks familiar Sabre was built with the menus of the Witcher 3 in mind. The layout, the art, and even later down the road you'll begin to here audio queues that sound familiar if you've spent enough time in the game. This is because I want it to feel as seamless as possible while going between your game and the mod manager. I want to avoid tearing you from the immersion too much, and instead I hope you eventual feel that the mod manager is almost a natural extension of the game itself. Sabre is intuitive Sabre should at all times be simple yet powerful. You should never be confused or feel lost while using it. This is the core belief that I remind myself every time I open the source code to continue my work. Sabre should allow a new user to glide along, making the entire process feel as stress free as possible, while offering the more experienced users the opportunity to dive into the deeper parts and access more advanced aspects of software. Sabre is extensible Sabre will have the ability to access tools such as ScriptMerger, and ModMerger along with the ability to add your own tools and create tool settings for them per a profile. This should allow other tool authors the ability to work with the mod manager to improve their users experience if they choose to do so. Sabre is coming The project is in early alpha currently as I'm still working on the early UI/UX. But I work at a pretty fast pace, so expect to see large updates at a fairly regular pace. In the meantime you can check out the first alpha release by grabbing it here: Sabre v0.0.1a Thank you, Wombat
  4. For anyone that was following this project I want to express how sorry I am for abandoning it the way I did. I could give you the whole bs about real life and complications arising but you've heard it too many times probably. Since the last update I've: - Landed a new job as a software dev working for a pretty sweet company. - Learned a great deal regarding software development. - Gained a better insight of how to manage projects. - Acquired new tools and the experience needed to use them. - Grown a beard. I'm going to relaunch this project, with a new name and an updated goal. I will be involving and engaging the users much more than before and hopefully together we can create something truly amazing. I will have more details as well as a project plan up in the coming days. Thank you, ChiefyWombat
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