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Conflict Resolution File Missing

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Hello Everyone,
Recently, I followed the Skyrim Revisited S.T.E.P Guide to get the mods given in it and set it up. When I reached that conflict resolution part, I found that there were a lot of conflicts in my mods. Being a newbie, I wasn't able to understand the guide for CR properly but then I saw that the premade "SR ConflictResolution.esp" linked by Neovalen would help fix the conflicts. But the Dropbox link is dead and gives me the "404: File not found error". I was hoping that someone would be kind enough to link me an active download for the same as it's been like 4 hours now and I still am not able to understand that conflict resolution thing. Also, I am not using 2-3 of the mods listed by Neovalen. Would that cause any issue with the Conflict Resolution esp file by Neovalen?
The dead Dropbox link: 



The mod conflicts I am getting: https://gyazo.com/1abab036b44465970fdbb4a090e442c2 (gyazo gif link)


Thank you for taking your time to read through this. Please help out a fellow Dragonborn so that he can fulfil his destiny.



EDIT: Just realised that I put this in the wrong section. Sorry for that, didn't know that as I am new. Please move the thread if possible, I don't know how to do that.

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Thank you. Also, if I don't install some of the mods from Neo's guide, can I still use the CR esp or will it give me errors?



EDIT: Nevermind, I am getting the error when loading using tes5edit. Anyone has any idea as to what I should do now?

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depending on what mod you missed out it might throw out errors but don't panic got you covered there too:


Report Masters Script (Use this Method if you have the esp plugin downloaded)

This is a very useful little script that will help find all the Form Id's for a mod if you wish to remove a particular mod from this Conflict Resolution.

  1. Open TES5Edit.
  2. Select Only SRLE Extended Conflict Resolution.
  3. Right Click SRLE Extended Conflict Resolution.
  4. Apply Script.
  5. Select Report Masters the Click OK.
  6. In popup window chose the esp you want to remove.
  7. Then Click Apply

This should now show you all form ids that are still linked to esp in question.

Wyre Bash Create Dummies (Uses this method if you do not have the esp plugin downloaded)

Use this method to create dummies of plugins you wish to remove from the premade Conflcit Resolution.

  1. Load Wrye Bash click on the CR and select File->Create dummy esps (this will create fake esps for what you are missing and place them into the overwrite folder).
  2. Load TES5edit with only SRLE Extended LOTD - Conflict Resolution.esp Selected wait until backgound loader has finished.
  3. Right click on SRLE Extended LOTD - Conflict Resolution.esp and check for errors.
  4. Remove the records that are broken from SRLE Extended LOTD - Conflict Resolution.esp (they will show after checking for errors).
  5. Save and Exit.
  6. Load SRLE Extended LOTD - Conflict Resolution.esp again in TES5Edit and then clean masters once done save and exit.
  7. Remove Fake plugins fron the overwrite folder.
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