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Weird tree LOD: doing something wrong?




My tree LOD look weird I think:



Poor resolution, too bright etc...
I have severals tree mods installed. In the load order:

  • Skyrim Flora Overhaul (2.5)
  • Realistic Aspen Trees
  • Enhanced vanilla tree

Then I installed corresponding billboards in the same order, as you can see here:



Then I generated the LOD using DynDOLOD in "high" mode and putting the output at the end of my load order.


Can you see something wrong in my process?


Thank you!

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While the install order of billboards seems correct, generally it is better to sort their priority directly after each tree mod they belong to. Sometimes mods may contain billboards in their main download and not as an extra installation.


The only thing DynDOLOD can do with them is to make them darker or brighter in the advanced option.

The texture resolution is not changed when generating vanilla 2D tree LOD.


For anything visual other than brightness, you may need to check with the billboard creators.

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