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DynDOLOD error on merged plugin




Whenever there's a merged plugin present, DynDOLOD shows an error message box saying "'02000D62' is not a valid integer value". After I click OK it appears to run fine but no LODs actually show up ingame.


Changing Edit Scripts\DynDOLOD\lib\optionsform.pas like this (around line 128):

  // check if mod name was merged
  s := DataPath + 'merge\' + StringReplace(GetFileName(FileByIndex(i)), '.esp', '', [rfReplaceAll]) + '_map.txt';
- if FileExists(s) then begin
+ if false and FileExists(s) then begin

Fixes the issue, althrough that probably kills merged mod support (which luckily I don't need).


The first few lines of my MergedArmorMods_map.txt look like this:

yurica_chevaleresse_II [HDT].esp=0

I don't know if that's how this file is supposed to look or not, but it appears to error out at the second line: the ID is the same one shown in the errors.

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Disabling something is not what I would call a "fix". 


The content of MergedArmorMods_map.txt seems invalid.


The first line says there should be zero entries mapped form ids, while it then lists rows of mapped form ids - which are equal. The second row should be the next plugin name.


What version of merge plugins did you use? Can you post the complete MergedArmorMods_map.txt file please?


I will need to update the code to account for that new or invalid? data format.

Edited by sheson

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Yeah it doesn't really fix the problem obviously, but since none of the mods I merged need any LODs that at least allowed me to use the program. 


I used v2.2.3.0 of Merge Plugins, updated to v2.3.1.0 (latest) to check and it behaves the same in that regard.


After that I fiddled a bit with it and it turns out I had the "New Records" merging method selected, probably due to a misunderstanding on my part when I first configured the thing.


Switching to the "Override" method generates a map file that is just like you described:

Wa Ribbon.esp=0
Sotteta Necromancer Outfit.esp=0

About the old file, the rest of it is very much like the snippet I sent you, but here it is if you want to see it: https://pastebin.com/raw/B3ME5Q3U


Since it seems to be a bug in the Merge Plugins program, if I may suggest, perhaps checking if the plugin name contains the string ".esp" and showing an error if not warning people to switch modes would be enough?


The "Override" merge method seems to give me the same result so all that's really needed is telling people where the problem is IMHO.


Thanks for the program btw, now I can see my house from afar  ::):

Edited by aethel

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Next version will deal with that file format properly. It can be done without error or otherwise bothering the user.


Thanks a lot for the help.

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