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First born has moar lod files for you


Congrats on the release! SSE now has tree ultra lod by default, nice!


Been off the net for a week, couldn't download any mods, forced to catch up on old jobs, so...


I made new lod for Elisdriel as it's existing lod was non-existent. It now looks lovely from a distance.


I also made hybrid-ish tree lods for Tamriel Reloaded Trees and now a ton of GKB trees have ultra tree lods. They look flipping great.


I've also done something a little bit different.  I didn't do the usual and make the 2d billboard bare trunk x mesh, but instead just did the merge.txt cmd line then optimized the hell out of the full model and got the tree nifs down to 30% of their full kb size, so rather than follow your rules I created heavily deprecated meshes that includes the trunk and the leaves.


I've been running it for a week, it looks stunning, doesn't crash, and is great for performance.


So, despite their construction, are these of any use for DynDOLOD? Or should I just send them to EVT SomeGuy for further tweaking? Or ???


Either way, I'm giving them to the courier and you know he will find someone to take them!





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Looks great. We also did some of the earlier oak trees with 3D trunks (some slightly decimated with 3dsmax). I think with sse and the recent graphics cards that have enough VRAM this should be mostly fine in the future.


I will probably revisit the included vanilla trees and do some with 3D trunks, like the reachtrees. Most of the pine trunks are covered well enough there is no need, unless it is maybe dead trees. We will see, may some one beats to it.

However, also keep in mind that technically full model trees can be added to the large reference grid. Though that may proof to eat more performance than somewhat better ultra trees. We will have to wait for Beths to fix the bugs or else patching this will be a nightmare.


I happily take those files to include in DynDOLOD. Since I am quick with 3dmax I might optimize the 3D trunks juuuuuust a tiny bit, typically in the 5 to 15% range.

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